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VIIIth International Conference, La Via Campesina: Bogotá Declaration

We, the peasants, rural workers, landless, indigenous peoples, pastoralists, artisanal fisherfolk, forest dwellers, rural women, youth and diversities and other peoples who work in the countryside around the world and united within La Via Campesina, declare that “Faced with global crises, we build food sovereignty to ensure a future for humanity!” towards a just and decent food system for all, recognizing peoples’ needs, respecting nature, putting people before profit and resisting corporate capture.

“Food sovereignty is to defend nature, to defend water, to defend our planet”

The 8th LVC International Conference is a space for critical reflection on the structural forces creating global crises, and the power of this moment to build connections between grassroots movements that are developing alternative worlds in the present. It presents an opportunity to deepen understanding of the contradictions and grassroots strategies of resistance. 

Listening to the future: Children’s views on Food Sovereignty

La Via Campesina, recognizing the importance of engaging and facilitating parents participation, especially women, in the debates and decision-making spaces of the movement, is providing a childcare service during this 8th International Conference. A group of 15 children aged between 2 to 12 years old are being cared for while their parents participate in the conference proceedings.

‘Lee Kyung-hae’ and ‘DOWN! DOWN! WTO!’ echoed in Bogotá, Colombia

Honoring the memory of Lee Kyung-hae, who died opposing the World Trade Organization, and emphasizing the importance of expanding agroecology, Kim Jung-yeol, Internal Coordination Committee of La Via Campesina for Southeast and East Asia spoke on the climate crisis, food sovereignty, and women farmers.

La Via Campesina Allies on the Struggle for Food Sovereignty

On the 4th of December, during the 8th International Conference, in Bogota, La Via Campesina’s allied organizations elaborated on the idea of food sovereignty as an encompassing struggle, explaining how the issues they take up and the battles they wage gain strength from the perspective provided by food sovereignty as a guiding principle and political horizon.

Via Campesina: peasants’ organizations meet in Colombia to discuss fight against hunger

Over 180 peasants’ organizations will meet in Bogota, Colombia’s capital city, to discuss and propose development and food production models that can be an alternative to agribusiness. Over 500 representatives of peasant movements from all over the world will come together to discuss and build food sovereignty to face the current global crisis.

Food Sovereignty from the perspective of La Via Campesina

Food sovereignty is the grassroots demand for a rights-based re-organization of the food system, grounded in gender equality, agroecology, and solidarity. The concept first proposed in 1996, has overtime been strengthened to deepen critical analyses of the obstacles and opportunities towards its construction.

Unity in Diversity: Women and Young Peasants Change the World

After six-year break due to the COVID-19 pandemic, La Via Campesina’s 8th International Conference ,filled with excitement, roared into life in Bogotá, Colombia. The conference opened on the 1st of December with Youth and women Assemblies. Men Against Patriarchy and Gender Diversities meetings were held for the first time.

8th International Conference of La Via Campesina: An overview of the Global Political Context

On the afternoon of Sunday, December 3rd, La Via Campesina representatives from every continent and Palestine offered critical analyses of their regional contexts, drawing connections between the climate crisis, migration, and political instability. This is a critical component of building and advancing a global movement for food sovereignty to foster critical consciousness of disparate geographic realities, struggles and victories.

La Via Campesina inaugurates its 8th International Conference in Bogota, Colombia

The 8th International Conference of La Via Campesina was officially inaugurated in Bogota with the slogan “Faced with global crises, we build food sovereignty to ensure a future for humanity”. The Conference is the first to be held by the movement after the pandemic, to discuss issues that affect peasants around the world.

La Via Campesina reaffirms its commitment to fight against patriarchy

Within the framework of the 8th conference of La Via Campesina, the international peasant movement discussed how to fight against patriarchy to change the relations of inequality in the countryside that exist between men, women and diversities, as a form of struggle against capitalism that promotes these injustices.

La Via Campesina holds the first meeting on Diversities

In order to combat the patriarchal and discriminatory structures that maintain the dominant economic model in the countryside, peasant organisations from different parts of the world held a meeting on diversity in Bogota, the capital of Colombia, on Saturday (2 December).

La Via Campesina reaffirms its stand against patriarchy

La Via Campesina in its 8th International Conference in Bogotá, , has introduced a new “Men Against Patriarchy” space to foster collective contemplation among men within the movement to promote inclusivity, equal participation, and safety for all in the movement with a focus on women and diversities.


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