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Palestine : UAWC celebrates Land day

b_350_0_16777215_00_images_stories_newsfromregions_UAWClanddayscaled.jpg(Ramallah, March 30, 2014) - Land day is an important symbol in the Palestinian patriotic history for it’s the day that Palestinians declare their continuous right in their land – Palestine. Palestinians resist the daily Israeli violations that aim to transfer the Palestinians from their home land. Read more about that day here.

16,000 Landless Workers protest for Agrarian Reform in Brasilia

VIth MST Congress - 10 to 14 of February, 2014


(Brazilia, February 12, 2014) The ministry esplanade was covered in red yesterday afternoon.  Around 16 thousand Landless Workers participating in the 6th MST (Landless Workers’ Movement) National Congress made the 9km journey from the Nílson Nelson gymnasium to the Three Power Plaza and back.

The main aim of the peaceful protest was to denounce the standstill situation of Agrarian Reform. “Agrarian Reform in Brazil is a disgrace. Last year, only seven thousand families were settled. Meanwhile there are more than 90 thousand families living in MST encampments.  In total, there are 150 thousand families living in encampments in Brazil, many of whom have been there for over ten years. 

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Opening of the 6th Congress recalls 30 years of MST's history

VIth MST Congress - 10 to 14 of February, 2014

b_350_0_16777215_00_images_stories_newsfromregions_20140213-mst.jpgFebruary 10, 2014. This is a history that is too large to fit in a book, unless this book could be as large as actors who know how to make history.  The pages of this book are huge, and were opened in front of 15 thousand people, remembering a remarkable trajectory of social and political struggle in Brazil. 

The VI National MST Congress opened officially this Monday morning (Feb 10). The opening mistica, which is always a highly anticipated moment because of its energy, moved millions of people who filled the Nilson gymnasium in Brasília. 

Men, women, youth and children from 23 states and the Federal District and more than 200 international guests, saw the people turn the pages of this important historical process.  

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